Lone Tiger

Lone Tiger

In 1978, 10 year old Kurenai’s father is murdered after winning a fight in a death match he was paid to lose. Kurenai (Bruce Locke) vows to avenge his fathers death but his only clue to the killer is a tatoo of a kingsnake that regularly haunts his dreams.

15 years later, Kurenai travels to Las Vegas, searching for the killer. While walking the streets he helps some homeless people who are being beaten by local bikers. A friendship between Rita (one of the homeless) and Kurenai develops.

In another part of Las Vegas, an underground wrestling match is in progress. In this high stakes match, anything goes but for the loser the result is death. Fight organizer Rossner (Richard Lynch) is looking for new blood and hires Jane Costello (Barbara Niven) to find a new champion.

In her search, Jane photographs Kurenai fighting the bikers who have returned seeking revenge. Kurenai wears a mask which his father wore in his fights.

Rossner looks at the photos from Jane and realizes that the mask is the same one he saw 15 years earlier worn during a fight where he lost half a million dollars.

Rossener entices Kurenai into the underground fighting business promising him information on his fathers killer, but he has to fight to get the information.

Kurenai wins all of his fights but refuses to kill his opponents which incenses Rossener. Rossener kidnaps Rita and holds her hostage while Kurenai fights three challengers at once, knowing that this time he must kill all of them or lose both Rita and his chance to avenge his fathers death.

Kurenai rescues Rita and finds the man with the kingsnake tatoo and a final battle begins.