Left For Dead

Left For Dead

Set in a city called Hope, Kincaid is a powerful warlord that rules with impunity and an iron fist. The authorities do not interfere as he ensures that his operations never affect “innocent civilians”, only those who operate in underworld activities. He also has a strict ban on firearms, his soldiers using various forms of martial arts.

The story focuses on two main characters, Williams and Kelso. Williams turned to Kincaid when his wife was killed and joined Kincaid’s gang to track down her killers. Once found, Williams unleashed his own sense of justice, slaughtering them, albeit very very slowly…

But after working for Kincaid for two years and performing all manner of atrocities and rising to the top position, Williams now feels hollow and numb and decides its time to leave and start a new life. With a promise from Kincaid that after one last job he will be free he sets out to complete it, but is double-crossed. He is drugged by his girlfriend Sonya (who also works for Kincaid) and is Left For Dead.

The other character is Kelso, a promising young kick boxer who catches the eye of Kincaid during a boxing match. Kincaid tries to force him to throw a fight he is betting on, but is unsuccessful and as payback for his dissention, Kincaid has the fighters hands smashed and broken, all but ending his career in fighting.

Williams and Kelso team up to take on Kincaid and his army of henchmen with only revenge on their minds.