Carnival of Wolves

Carnival of Wolves

When you have nothing…like Bob (Mike Norris) fired for over-charging customers, or Kuroda, a saxophone player (Toshiya Nagasawa) fired from an all black jazz band because he’s not a “soul brother” or Sergio (Forest Montgomery) fired from Al’s bar when a fight breaks out with hi in the middle, or Johnny (Stoney Jackson) a con man who dresses like a priest to collect money for his favorite charity – himself…then you have nothing to lose.

When Sergio is attacked at Al’s bar, Johnny and Kuroda come to his rescue. The bar owner (Joe Estevez) clears the bar with his shotgun. Later that night these perfect strangers discuss the “American Dream” including a plan to achieve it by robbing a casino owned by the Chinese Triads.

The daring robbery is a heart pounding ride of twists and turns in the glamorous setting of a hotel casino. But this hold up doesn’t go as scheduled because the plan did not take into account the surveillance cameras and getting shot. Quick thinking and bullets are all that makes their escape possible. Simon, the head of the triads, demands revenge.

Sergio has broken his promise to not spend the stolen money for six months. He uses his share of the money to buy a fancy car and expensive clothes then pays his gambling debt to strip club owner (Sonny Landham). He is caught by the Triads and is forced into locating his accomplices while they hold his girlfriend hostage.

Sergio leads the Triads to Bob’s parents farm in Texas. In an explosive car chase and gun battle, Sergio along with Bob’s parents killed. Bib returns to Las Angeles to warn Kuroda that he is in danger. Kuroda knows the kind of trouble he is in as he has been gambling at the casino they robbed and is sleeping with Katina, Simon’s girlfriend.

With money in his pocket and renewed hope for a better life, Johnny searches the streets for his son who is involved in the vicious gang. Johnny’s dream is cut short when he returns home to find Triad Agent 386 (Dean Simone) waiting for him. 386 mockingly confesses to this phony priest of murdering Sergio before killing Johnny.

Bob and Kuroda battle the Triads in a bloody fight, killing Simon. To clear his conscience, Bob gives his share of the money to Kuroda. Finally, justice comes full circle when Kuroda is killed outside of Al’s bar by the same gang of thugs who jumped Sergio the day they met. They escape with the Triads’ money.