Baja Run

Baja Run

Baja Run is an action saga set in the world of drug dealers, hit men and heroes, starring Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Japanese star Kimika Yoshino and Bentley Mitchum.

In a sleazy Hollywood dance club, Asako (Kimika Yoshino) searches for her missing sister and gets caught in a major drug deal gone wrong. When the shooting stops, everyone is dead or dying except for the innocent Asako and Angus (Bentley Mitchum), a naive young drug delivery boy, dreaming of glory as a crime boss.

Angus grabs the drugs and the money and the girl and they both run for their lives. They seek refuge with Carl Brubaker (Sam Jones) a former gangster turned good guy, who runs a center for drug troubled teens.

Unknown to either Angus, Asako or Carl, the bag with the stolen drugs has a small radio transmitter placed inside of it and soon two hit men are on their trail…this time the gangsters grab the drugs, the cash and the girl and head for their hide out across the Mexican border.

Angus and Carl launch a desperate rescue mission knowing all to well that the winners take all…the losers die.